Mergers & Acquisitions
Boston Office
Managing the Negotation Process

We advise on and manage the negotiation process, from the letter of intent, through due diligence, all the way to closing. Our clients have the benefit of our vast experience every step of the way.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Sell-Side advisory

We specialize in helping business owners through the complex process of selling or recapitalizing their companies. We run a controlled and highly confidential process that effectively presents your business, and its potential, to prospective buyers or investors. Steps in the process include:

Analysis and evaluation of strategic and financial alternatives
We can help you evaluate your options, such as:
  • Sale of the entire company to a strategic buyer
  • Sale of a majority interest to a private equity group, while maintaining a minority interest position
  • Sale of a minority interest in the company
  • Debt financing – For many clients, it might be more expedient to fund growth through debt financing for a period of time before selling an equity position.
Company valuation for each alternative
How much is your company worth? We will give you our opinion as one of the initial steps in the process. However, we do not determine the value of your business, and we do not set an asking price. Instead, we let the market find the true value in a controlled, competitive bidding process.
Development of a target list of potential buyers or investors
In our experience, business owners tend to underestimate the number of potential buyers for their businesses. We will work with you to explore the full range of possible buyers or investors. In addition to U.S. buyers, a significant percentage of our recent transactions have involved foreign buyers. In order to maintain confidentiality, we do not include any party on the target list without the prior approval of our client.
Preparation of a blind summary
All initial contact with potential buyers is done on a blind basis to preserve confidentiality until the proper time. Only after targets have signed non-disclosure agreements do we disclose the name of the company we are representing.
Preparation of the confidential descriptive memorandum
After an interested and qualified buyer has signed a non-disclosure agreement, we send them a confidential descriptive memorandum, which describes the company and its potential in more detail.
Contacting and qualifying potential buyers
We maintain contact with all potential buyers, which allows our clients to continue to focus on running their businesses.