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Representing Owners














Representing Owners

Lexbridge recognizes that the sale of a business is an emotional, time consuming process and technically complex transaction. Our in-depth experience in the total management of the selling process relieves business owners of much of the burdens and pressures associated with a sale, while maximizing shareholder value and bringing a seasoned, objective perspective to the entire process. Whether the owner's motivating factors are retirement, succession concerns, diversification of assets, expansion capital, or access to larger markets; Lexbridge optimizes the owners' benefits in the trade-offs of liquidity, control, succession and taxes.

The Market for Private Businesses

In the past 20 years, Private Companies have become widely recognized as great investments for larger strategic buyers, private equity financial buyers and foreign buyers with more buyers than good companies to buy. In order to take advantage of this market, an owner must maintain control of the process, present future opportunities and market the company to multiple qualified buyers in a controlled bidding process.

Succession Raises Many Questions for Owners
Do I want to continue to play an active roll? Do I need to still be in control? Do I have outside interests?
What is my time horizon? What are the specifics of my family financial security needs?
What are my liquidity requirements? What is my risk tolerance?
What are the future opportunities to grow the business with or without a change?

Managing the Entire Sales Process

Lexbridge M&A does more than simply act as an introducing party or intermediary. We work with owners in the total management of the strategic process. – from clarifying owners goals, through the closing of the transaction. Each step of the process acknowledges the uniqueness of the owner’s circumstances when facing the time that the business will succeed to the next generation or be sold.

Lexbridge’s Structured Sale Process
Lexbridge uses a 12 step structured process with each of its transaction clients.   The purpose of the process is to maintain control of the process, to properly prepare and position the business, to maintain confidentiality, to present future opportunities for a premium price and to take advantage of market conditions by having multiple buyers in a controlled bidding process. 




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