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Cross Border Acquisition Search Program

Cross Border Program
To help you find the right partner, strategic alliance or joint venture internationally, Lexbridge has 15 international deal offices and established business relationships in over 70 countries.
With the increasing globalization of business, international opportunities are opening up for privately held companies.  Similarly, in a client company's home country the level of technology, market and capital risk has risen in many industries. Because they can be less capital intensive than a direct investment or acquisition, alliances and joint ventures can be important alternatives and should be incorporated as part of the strategic planning process.

Lexbridge Cross Border Benefits
• Regional Offices with Experienced M&A Professionals: Lexbridge offices are fully established in each country with a long history of successful M&A transactions. These offices have the advantage of local, practical knowledge: language, seller culture and attitudes, transaction expectations, accounting and legal requirements, and professional networking that can find the right company and then get the deal done.
• Lower Mid-Market Focus: For the past 20 years, Lexbridge has successfully filled the gap between larger international investment banking firms who are not able to economically provide services to smaller and mid-sized deals and local intermediaries who can give clients only limited access to M&A opportunities. Lexbridge’s multiple country offices provide an efficient mechanism to cover all geographic bases.

• Strategic Advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions to BKR International:
BKR International is a leading global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing expertise of more than 135 member firms with over 300 offices in 70 countries around the world. These established business relationships can help you find the right partner, alliance or joint venture. 

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World Wide Acquisition Search

World Wide Strategic Alliances
and Joint Venture Partners

Cross Border M&A Offices:

North America:  Boston (World Headquarters), Toronto

South America:  Columbia, Brazil

Europe:  France, UK, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden

Middle East:  Tel Aviv

South East Europe:  Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro

Asia:  Hong Kong, Shanghai

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