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Burton Bartzoff has over 35 years of business management and consulting experience in the areas of strategic planning, management and personnel systems, as well as international business planning.

Mr. Bartzoff served as President of Barclay Personnel systems, formerly Snelling & Snelling, at which point in time was the world’s largest personnel system.  He served as Secretary General and Treasurer for 14 years of the International Confederation of Personnel Services Associations, a worldwide organization of personnel and management consulting associations.  He also served as Vice President and Director of the National Association of Personnel Consultants.

In 1983, he successfully negotiated the sale of his interests to his partners in order to pursue a broadening of his management consulting experience.  He founded a management consulting practice and, in 1986, merged into Tofias, Fleishman, Shapiro & Co., P.C. (TFS), New England’s largest independent accountant and financial consulting firm.  During the past thirteen years, Mr. Bartzoff has pioneered the development of a Management – Human Resource audit and due diligence guide that has been widely recognized and utilized.

While at TFS, Mr. Bartzoff founded the Human Resource – Management Consulting Practice group, and subsequently the Corporate Advisory Services group, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Corporate Recovery/Restructuring.  Mr. Bartzoff has extensive experience in preparing Opportunity Memoranda, reviewing internal systems, and restructuring of financial statements.

Mr. Bartzoff holds a degree in Communications, and has advanced studies in the areas of employment law, corporate compliance and federal and state legislation.  He is a certified international personnel consultant and the recipient of numerous industry and business awards.


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